Vegan Video Everyday in November

Hi friends!

I’m posting up a video every day in November and calling it VEGAN VEDIN.

I ask a question related to Veganism for not only me to answer but for you to contribute your thoughts as well.

I post the videos on my Youtube and social media channels to reach out to a wider audience, and I’m also posting them here as a centralised location and to put any extra thoughts I have.

Thank you for watching and for following me alongĀ this journey!

I hope we learn something from each other šŸ™‚

Day 28 – What are you grateful for?

Day 27 – What are the benefits of being vegan?


Day 26 – Have you accidentally eaten meat as a vegan?

Day 25 – Have you travelled as a vegan?

Day 24 – Have you lived overseas as a vegan? (UKĀ vs Malaysia)

Day 23 – Straws vs Fish: Are we having the wrong conversation?

Day 22 – Do you feel difficult to change yourself?

Day 21 – Have you met someone who was vegan?

Day 20 – Have you been to an Animal Sanctuary?

Day 19 – Why does Islam allow animal slaughter?

Day 18 – Can a Muslim be vegan?

Day 17 – Are we living in moderation like Prophet Muhammad?

Day 16 – What’s your favourite vegan documentary?

Day 15 – What’s in my vegan goodie bag?

Day 14 – What do you think about veganism?

Day 13 – What do you like about being vegan?

Day 12 – What do Malaysian Vegans eat?

Day 11 – What non-vegan food do you miss?

Day 10 – Which vegan activist do you admire?

Day 09 – Do you ride animals?

Video: The Harm of Riding Horses by Ren Hurst

Video: Is Horse Riding Cruel? by Bite Size Vegan

Website: Fair Horsemanship

Day 08 – How can you like vegetables?


Day 07 – Is a vegan diet expensive?

Day 06 – What does Veganism really mean?


Day 05 – Why don’t you give a damn about earth?

Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

Why a vegan diet is the single biggest positive change you can make for the planet, with Joseph Poore at Oxford University

An Article on The Guardian

Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘Single Biggest Way’ to reduce your impact on Earth


Day 04 – Do you care about your body?


Day 03 – How did your friends & family react to veganism?


Day 02 – Why did you go vegan?


Day 01 – Will you join me?